Alcalagres, S.A., founded in 1990, is a specialist in the manufacture and sale of integral porcelain stoneware for use in both floor and wall coverings in all areas. The production center and headquarters located in Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid), and a logistic warehouse located in Burriana (Castellón), allow the supply of orders made by all our customers.   

Alcalagres’ committment to quality is unmatched with all products adhering to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 standard, which ensures research, development and sales with maximum guarantees.

We work with the best raw materials on the market, subject to the strictest controls, which allow us to obtain the exceptional technical features of Integral Porcelain stoneware: high resistance to bending >2000 N, to heavy traffic with a surface wear <145 mm3, to frost, to chemicals, a level of water absorption <0.1%… and a wide variety of models, formats and finishes.

Is an Italian ceramic company that studies, designs and produces porcelain stoneware. Their history began in 1995 within the historical Concorde Group and immediately seen as protagonists in the ceramic industry.

Today, their production exceeds five million square meters per year across a total of eighty countries. They believe in technological and process innovation, but they keep the meticulous eye of the craftsman.

One of the reasons for the success achieved by Ceramiche Keope is definitely the strong and continuous investment in research and innovation. The use of the most advanced technologies for constant and high quality. business philosophy that sets the respect of the environment in the field of masses porcelain tiles.

Thanks to their mineralogical composition and production process, their products do not fear alterations and aggression such as impacts, abrasions, fire, frost, moisture, weight, climate, and preserve the colour and appearance of the first day. It does not emit any organic substances; it does not fuel allergies and is easily cleaned. The quality and beauty are the result of investments in technology and a strong commitment to develop products with a high aesthetic content.

Mosaico Digitale’s innovative system takes advantage of modern technology to customize and construct tiles digitally–printing entire images and setting them behind a resin which forms a tile. Digital images (Vectorial file,300 DPI resolution image) sit behind a strong resin tile surface.

Color can be either specified within the vectorial file (Pantone, RAL) or via samples to match.  

100% custom combine an aesthetic solution with practicality and easy installation.

Properties: –

100% Italian  / Customizable – Shape, Size, Color,   / Thin – 2 mm (3/32”) / Lightweight 1.2 kg/Square meter (.24 lb/sf) / UV Resistant  / Use Indoors, Outdoors / Water proof / Not toxic / Self-extinguishing, non-combustible / Flame retardant ASTM E84


The SSG Group is a consortium of renowned natural stone companies. This means concentrated know-how, competent consulting from the beginning and a high-quality selection of natural stones and premium stoneware in natural stone design for many various uses; from floor slabs to wall coverings, from kitchen counter tops to window sills, from vanities to shower trays, and from facades to stonemasonry.

Stones Unlimited was established in 2003 with its office based in Bangalore India. It is a processor and supplier of high-quality natural stones in various finishes for hard landscaping applications. These include pathways, driveways, cladding, water features and decorative elements.